5S Dude
I absolutely love the look of this hardtail bike but my lower back has seen better days. I've installed a Kinekt 2.1 Aluminum Seatpost on my Cheetah and it has totally changed how my back feels after a long ride. They offer a wide range of spring rates for different size/weight riders and a much more plush seat. I hope this provides some ideas on how to make your Cheetah that much more comfortable. Seat Post.jpg   


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Thank you for your feedback and advice.  To make it suitable for more riders, we had to use the traditional seatpost so that it can be lowered to the bottom. We're experimenting new saddles which are softer in both surface(silicone gel) and cushion(air instead of mechanical springs).
Appreciate it!
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Rich Hillyer
The mechanical springs are squeaky. Any suggestions for eliminating or at least reducing the noise?
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