Charging Cycle: When Lithium-ion battery obtains over 60% power via charging, it's regarded as a charging cycle. Along with the accumulation of charging cycles, the capacity of the battery will decline. This is normal.

Keep battery away from extreme environments. The working temperature of lithium-ion battery is 15℉ - 115℉. Do not approach to heat, fire, explosives, flammables. Don't drop battery. Avoid liquid and metal emerging into battery.

In cold temperature, due to the chemical characteristics, both capacity and voltage of lithium battery will drop a little. It has an impact on the range and power output of the bike. It will recover automatically when temperature backs to normal. 
Attention: Extremely cold temperature under 25℉ will make battery stop working and make unrecoverable damage.

Battery capacity under different temperature:
75℉ = 100%
32℉ = 85%
15℉ = 70%

  • Aggressive riding damages battery. Twist throttle smoothly and continuously helps entending battery life.
  • Parking the bike for 8 hours will consume 2% battery power.
  • Take out battery if long time no riding.
  • Charge the battery every month to 50% full.
  • Avoid riding when battery is less than 10%.
  • Make charge in temperature 32℉ - 95℉. Do not charge battery for over 8 hours.
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